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A non-EEA family member of an EEA national will need to obtain an EEA family permit before travelling to the UK if they are: a 'visa national' (see 'More information' below); or coming to live with the EEA national in the UK permanently or on a long-term basis. However, the non-EEA family member must be travelling to the UK: with the EEA national; or to join the EEA national here.


Documents required


When you apply, you should include all the documents that you can to show that you are a family member of an EEA national. These should include:

  • a copy of the EEA national's passport, endorsed by the EEA national's embassy in the country of application; and
  • proof of your relationship to the EEA national (for example, your birth certificate or marriage certificate); and
  • a letter from the EEA national, declaring that you are travelling with them or are joining them in the UK.

If the EEA national has lived in the UK for more than 3 months, you must provide evidence that they are a 'qualified person'. This evidence could include:

  • their contract of employment, wage slips and/or a letter from their employer, if they are a worker;
  •  evidence of their National Insurance contributions, Construction Industry Scheme card (if applicable), lease on business premises, contracts, invoices, audited accounts and/or bank statements, if they are self-employed;
  • a school/college/university letter confirming their enrolment and the completion date of their course, and/or a bank statement or evidence of a grant or scholarship, if they are a student; or
  • evidence that they have sufficient funds to maintain themselves and their family members for the period of their residence in the UK, if they are self-sufficient.

Bulgarian and Romanian nationals


When you have been working legally as an employee in the UK for 12 months without a break, you will have full rights of free movement and will no longer need the permission to take work. You can then get a registration certificate confirming your right to live and work in the UK, although you do not need to do so.


EEA family permits


If you are a student in the UK, you can take employment for up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time during vacation periods from your course, but you must first obtain a registration certificate confirming that you are a student. 


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